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TLC are experienced in providing a wide range of marketing consultancy assistance.

Whilst we can provide businesses with assistance to help them understand, build and develop their brand, TLC specialise in direct response marketing, designed to help businesses achieve specific and targeted results.

We are skilled at implementing processes to help you monitor all of of your marketing efforts, whether on-line or off-line. This way, you can quickly and accurately establish what marketing is working for your business and what is not. Our monitoring processes allow you to calculate the precise return on investment on each and every campaign you run.

TLC can help you improve your online presence. We are experienced web-developers – you are looking at one of our sites now. We are experienced in the use of electronic tools such as google analytics to help monitor and understand your web-traffic and help you capture and nurture leads and turn them into paying clients and customers.

We are experienced in the use of social media including Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in as well as the emerging platforms such as instagram, pintrest and 4square.

TLC can assist you with building your CRM system, nurturing your existing clients and specialise in assisting with email campaigns and other electronic forms of communication including SMS.

We can also provide you with copywriting services to help you find the correct words to promote interest and desire amongst your prospects and customers.


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