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Disputes are, unfortunately, a fact of business life. In the course of trading, some day, you are certain to fall out with someone.

The outcome of such disputes depends considerably on the approach you take to resolving them.

TLC can provide assistance in helping you understand the situation you face, identifying your rights, and establishing the strengths and  weaknesses to your case. Only when you have undertaken this internal review – which is often easier with a fresh pair of eyes and no emotional attachment – can you properly agree on a strategy towards achieving a cost effective resolution.

TLC can assist with both litigious and non-litigous solutions. Litigation is inherently time consuming and expensive.

Therefore, conciliatory approaches will be considered first. We can assist you with stating your case, either in writing or face to face.

We can assist with both mediation and other informal dispute resolution processes.

In the event you reach a deadlock and a commercial solution cannot be found, TLC can assist with the preparation of Court papers and provide ongoing Mackenzie Friend Assistance throughout the litigation process, including trial support.

Alternatively we can assist you with instructing solicitors, either your own or one of our bank of associated lawyers with whom we hold long standing relationships. Often presenting your case with the assistance of an experienced consultant results in a significant saving of fees as much of the pre-litigation processes will have already been undertaken. We can work alongside external lawyers and assist further with the preparation of your case including the settling of pleadings, preparation of witness statements and provide assistance with the costly and time consuming disclosure process.

TLC employ their own legally qualified personnel who can assist alone or work alongside external practising solicitors and barristers, thus providing clients with a more cost effective dispute resolution process.


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