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You’ve done the work, delivered your product and service, tendered your invoice and it’s now overdue. You’ve chased politely but your client or customer seems to be treating you like a bank. Your cash-flow has become stretched and you’re spending more time chasing money for work already done than concentrating on new orders or winning new work.

If that sounds familiar then TLC can help.

We specialise in business to business debt recovery.

Whether you wish to take a soft approach and retain a client relationship or take a more robust approach we have the solutions you need.

We can work alongside your existing accounts team or take the burden away from you completely.

With solutions including letter writing, chasing on the telephone, preparation of letters before action, the drafting of county court proceedings or the use of more complex insolvency measures including statutory demands, bankruptcy and winding up petitions, TLC are highly experienced in this field.

We also provide coaching and training to empower your in house team and specialise in prevention as well as cure. Often, properly drafted terms and conditions of business can assist greatly when seeking to enforce your rights and recover monies due. We can help you draft these and ensure they are properly implemented.

Get in touch today to learn more how TLC can tailor a debt recovery solution suited exactly to your business needs.

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